Fine 3/8″ Pyrite Gold DG

The Gold Decomposed Granite is available regular or premixed with an all natural psyllium husk stabilizer. The stabilizer is activated with water during installation and binds the smaller granules of DG together, forming a hardened surface. Call us at (818) 824-6126 for an estimate or to place your order. You will need the following information: name of product, delivery address, and quantity (calculate here).

Decomposed Granite (DG) is the Swiss Army Knife of all the landscaping materials available today. It can be used in your landscape or hardscape design for patios, driveways, walkways, flowerbeds, paths and trails. Decomposed granite is also a great material for horse stalls, arenas and equestrian centers. You will find that DG is permeable and drains well, so consider using it in your garden or flowerbeds because plants love DG too. See our DG Guidelines for more information on installation and stabilized DG.

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